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Commercial Pest Control

"Low Prices Guaranteed "

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Professional Quality Pest Control Service Offered

Commerical Services include:-

  • Business office and retail.

  • Managing agents.

  • Estate agents.

  • Landlords.

  • Farmers.

  • Restaurants and Hotels.

  • Healthcare.

  • Food and Beverage.

  • Industrial manufacturing.

  • Warehouses.

  • All Food Premises.

“We offer a Professional Pest Control Service at low rates for your Food Premises in accordnace with HACCP princinples to a  high standard of control pursuant with the Food Hygiene Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2006”
If Rodent droppings, urine, hair or other residues appear in your premises or even worse in the food you serve! It will not be considered fit for human consumption. You may end up being Prosecuted, alongside all the negative publicity leaving your business and reputation in ruins.

Our success is based on a reputation for expert local knowledge of Pest Elimination, absolute integrity, excellent customer service and sound advice.

               Our Service


  • Will eliminate all pests with minimum cost and maximum safety.

  • Will minimise the risk of re-infestation and to prevent pests of any kind becoming established.

  • Will ensure that our Clients are advised on matters affecting pest control including cleaning, housekeeping, storage practices, building structure, proofing requirements and waste storage.

Commercial Prices Discounted for a LIMITED PERIOD for new customers joining! POA

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